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Ohio House Bill 248, Testimony From Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Sheri Tenpenny is in favor of HB 248. She believes that you should have the right to decide to take a vaccine. Challenged with biased questions on a process…


Christopher Frampton 6-6-21 18:00 MST     The evidence is in. We know who is guilty and the American people are fed up. Tomorrow I predict the US capital will…

Over Population is a Myth

Editor’s comment on Above Majestic

A notation from the editor Christopher Frampton. This documentary made the documentary list because it has so many truthful aspects. Yet, many of the statements are speculative and subject to…

Wuhan Lab ‘Virus’ Leak: A Calculated Diversion From The Simple Truth – There Is No ‘Virus’ – David Icke

David Icke speaks out on the Hoax of the “covid era”. Proves by reason and logic that there is no virus and shows the coordinated lockstep operation that is in…


Tucker Nails it. Showcase of bad science used in politics. The loss of imperial thinking replaced with so called equity.

Vaxx Genocide by Dollar Vigilante

Compulsory Vaccination

Ep. 2471b-The People Are Reaching The Precipice,[DS] Election Panic Off The Charts,The World Must See