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Greg Reese June 8 2021 An international team of lawyers and medical experts are seeking to charge the CDC, the WHO, and the DAVOS group with crimes against humanity. reesereport.com…

Editor’s comment on Above Majestic

A notation from the editor Christopher Frampton. This documentary made the documentary list because it has so many truthful aspects. Yet, many of the statements are speculative and subject to…

Could rubber from dandelions make tires more sustainable?

The Russian dandelion helped supply the Allied forces with rubber through the Second World War. Now, tire makers are hoping it could make a commercial comeback.    In 1931, Soviet scientists…

Eric Dollard – Longitudinal Energy Scalar Waves Mutual Induction Wireless Transmission

Transmission of energy via [electro-static mutual Induction] vs. [di-electromagnetic]. Shown in the original Tesla and Loomis over-unity systems. These electrical designs do not have power supplies, but use the ambient…