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  • A blog about human & planetary sustainability studies. Here, common practices in industry, consumer habit, and government are analyzed. For the discussion of Freedom and Liberty. This is how freedom works for the individual, in detail and broken down into categories like; environmental, economic, industrial, and sociological theory. For the edification to those who seek the truth in the pursuit of freedom, life, liberty, and happiness. For your protection and privacy all content on this site is encrypted including video data. This site works best with the Tor web browser. I'm building a safe harbor for learning on the most critical issues for a world wide audience. This website is for free or subscription. To get a free membership call 7192032496 ask for Christopher and prepare to have a conversation about the three documentaries below. This website is about solutions to the problems identified on the front page. Membership to all access helps me to allocate enough resources to keep the media players running smoothly. You may subscribe for $10 a month to further my cause and be eligible to earn affiliate commission for introducing this site to other paid subscribers.
  • This Blog website is compiled with a collection of the best documentaries that I have fact checked and provided analysis commentary. Commercial free. Please give extra time for the video players to load. They do not pre-load data in to your browser automatically because the way I build my article posts will include many videos. This way a browser is not over crowded with too much data at one time. All video data originates from my server in a 128bit encrypted data stream, it needs up to 1 minuet to validate the certificate in your browser. The player window is small to fit into phone browsers but you can enlarge to full screen also. Start a video pre-load by clicking one time on the play button then click a second time to begin playback. I do not use cookies except for the inbound referral affiliate link and html5 warnings appear in the Tor browser but they are not necessary, html5 tags can be turned off.
  • If you don't know the following information you are the "problem". There is no such thing as human over population.
    Second prerequisite is to understand the corporation.
    Third prerequisite is Clinton Cash to learn how politicians and corporations collude to extract wealth and freedom from the people.

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