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Fluoride: Poisson on Tap

What is Flouride? Where did it come from? Why is Fluoride used in toothpaste and added to more than three-quarters of the public water supply? What is the environmental impact…


It is important to understand the real potential for 5G. Not that more high-speed data is needed to carry data to humans but to acquire data about consumers and have…

Graphine in the Jab

Dr. Jane Ruby exposing the reality of the graphene molecule being forced onto society in food and vaccines. Visit her website at drjaneruby.com GRAPHENE OXIDE ‘Causes’ SPIKE PROTEIN SHEDDING &…

New Findings On The Spike Protein Toxin by Dr. Thomas Cowan

A most informed Doctor who knows the ovious truths of what is going on and what lead to the so-called pandemic. He also provided plenty of speculative assessments with a…

Over Population is a Myth


Tucker Nails it. Showcase of bad science used in politics. The loss of imperial thinking replaced with so called equity.