• July 23, 2021 4:32 PM

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I was shocked when I learned the truth about this serious growing problem. I always knew that there was this suffering but I never shed a tear about it until I watched this compelling and comprehensive documentary.

This is a secure and trustworthy website https://www.vets4childrescue.org

If your search engine returns your search results with the web address link that resolves with http://  at the start of the website address it will tell you that you need to accept the risk to continue.

This is a great organization that is defending children from sexual predators.

I posted this to help give a voice to those who need it most and to support V4CR!

Right now children are under attack, we need to be aware of this growing problem and help Vets for Child Rescue.

Actions you can take right now!

1. Identify your elected officials for your town and state. Click on the button below which will take you to another page where you will enter your zip code to find your officials.​ Understand your local elections and find out who is running in your town.
2. Download our sample letter to write your elected officials. It is imperative that we ALL do this to safeguard our children. We must elect officials who will enforce justice to the highest extent possible for any one stealing the innocence of our children. We must demand harsher punishments for predators and laws to safeguard victims.
3. Push for prevention education in your communities that will directly reach children. Pay attention and attend local election meetings such as Board of Education meetings. This is where they push for progressive comprehensive sex education in the schools without our knowledge or our say.
4. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates, information, and tips to combat child sex trafficking.

What else can you do?

  • Would you be able to recognize the warning signs of child rape trafficking? For more information on warning signs, click here. ​ 
  • Our Community Education presentation is NOW available! Check out our Tools section to view and share our presentation (as well as additional tips and information) with your children, friends, family, and colleagues!
  • We will mail you our brochures! Just ask us at info@vets4childrescue.org or download and print our window flyer here.