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Columbus by Will Durant audio book

Ep. 61: So Much Law Stuffs! Viva & Barnes

Where is the limit to the CDC authority? Now Getting sued by the state of Florida for imposing guidelines for cruise ships. 4th amendment search and seizure,  “community caretaker” doctrine…


Keeping Bees with a Smile is the goal. Have we found the best bee hive? It could save a lot of Bee deaths and labor. Doug and Stacy have several…

Run With Patience Preached by Pastor Steven Anderson

Run With Patience Preached by Pastor Steven Anderson Sermon Date 10/15/17, Sun AM   rsqygwQnigz0

Ep. 2471b-The People Are Reaching The Precipice,[DS] Election Panic Off The Charts,The World Must See


Eric Dollard – Longitudinal Energy Scalar Waves Mutual Induction Wireless Transmission

Transmission of energy via [electro-static mutual Induction] vs. [di-electromagnetic]. Shown in the original Tesla and Loomis over-unity systems. These electrical designs do not have power supplies, but use the ambient…

NEVADAs A-BOMBS 2015 smith doc 46min

Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply Chain

War By other means _ Jon Rappoport 12-24-2020


State of the art Nano Technology – Shaking my Head Productions