Christopher Frampton 6-6-21 18:00 MST



The evidence is in. We know who is guilty and the American people are fed up. Tomorrow I predict the US capital will be cleared out of any traitors. It may start slow but it will happen. A funny thing happened to me this week I wanted to test to see if GESARA was in place at the banking level and so I did a test. I over-drafted my account on Memorial day until Friday I had no overdraft charges. Later today I found this report on the Freedom Force Battalion. I then placed a wager via a buy on USDCHF and a sell on EURUSD. This is because when the United States begins to reassert its power, the US dollar will surge. I transferred my bitcoin into a forex account and executed the trade at 18:00 MST. I now earn from 1.2169 EURUSD and USDCHF from .899. While the mainstream narrative is to fear the dollar and run to gold and stocks like those on the S&P500 there is now a QFS financial backbone that will now reposition the dollar as a reserve currency like never before. While Janet Yellen is preaching at the G7 toting that the new global corporate tax will level the playing field, while she openly ignores the disparity in slave labor and resource restrictions on the United States, such as rare earth minerals for example. Trump rallies and speaks in riddles that our American businesses have nothing to worry about. Confidence in the dollar will rekindle despite the calls for El Salvador to go from a dollar standard to a bitcoin. Why? I don’t fully understand but I have become so accustomed to the CNBC narrative that I trade in the opposite direction of the commentary. So if Bitcoin is in the spotlight as a new tool to help El Salvador because the US dollar is bad, this must mean the dollar is very good to own right now. Strange is it not? If I’m right you will see the price on EURUSD is lower and the price on USDCHF is higher than my posted numbers.